Speed Awareness Scheme

The village has been registered with the Suffolk Constabulary for the Speed Awareness Scheme, as part of the many and varied options open to us in monitoring and managing vehicles passing through the village.  Rob Cuff will be assembling a team of volunteers to assist in the scheme.  If you are willing to join, please contact him on bobcuff46@gmail.com, thank you.

Cleaning St Georges
A merry band of 12 enthusiastic volunteers gathered at St Georges on the morning of Friday 29th July and worked industriously for a couple of hours to help clean and tidy the church. A little perspiration, followed by a nice cup of tea was satisfying and enjoyable in equal measure!

The Clock at St Georges
The clock at St Georges has not been working for some time now but the Parish Council has now written to a local clock repairer to ascertain how we rectify the situation. An automatic winding mechanism has been fitted but does not work at present. Once a report is received, a decision can be made as to whether to repair the mechanism or indeed dismantle it and return to regular manual winding. It would be lovely to look to St Georges for accurate time keeping. And you never know ... maybe bell ringing could follow !

Friends of St Georges
A meeting was held at St Georges on Wednesday 20th July to discuss the development of the church to accommodate community events and the need to raise funds for its continued up keep. Anyone interested is more than welcome to join these meetings and contribute as much or as little as they wish.
The next meeting is at 10am on Thursday 1st September.

During the week starting the 25th July a questionnaire was circulated to every residence in Stowlangtoft with a completion date of 7th August. The objective was to gauge the opinion of the residents on three specific points: Whether you would like to receive the Church and Village Newsletter, if you feel the village website would be useful and whether you feel that St Georges Church could be suitable to use as a community base and if so whether you would be willing to join an action group to arrange events.

I would like to thank everyone who completed their questionnaires. The response was encouraging and very positive and went some way to gauging the thoughts of the residents. It is fair to say that the overall sentiment from those that responded was to encourage, develop and communicate more village events.

  • 100% of the respondees requested a copy of the existing Church and Village News with an additional two expressions of interest in circulating a dedicated Stowlangtoft News Sheet on a quarterly basis.
  • 65% of the respondees volunteered to help distribution of the newsletters.
  • 100% of the respondees like the idea of developing and updating our existing Website.
  • The response to the question of whether St Georges would be suitable for a community base was indifferent but 40% of the respondees were keen to join an action group to organise events.
  • In addition to the specific questions asked, interest was shown to set up a dedicated village Facebook Page and Whatsapp Group which, in addition to the newsletter and website, could help communicate village news and events.

Coffee morning
Interest has been shown to hold a bi-monthly coffee morning in St Georges as a community social. A nice cup of coffee/tea and a piece of cake whilst passing time with other villages sounds lovely and not too onerous.

Walking social
In addition to the previous successful village walk earlier in the summer more interest has been shown in organising more walks. Maybe we could combine the next walk with the coffee morning or afternoon tea!?