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Village Walk – with or without dogs!
On Saturday 3rd June a small group of village walkers, some with dog’s others without, gathered at the village sign at 9.30am for a gentle walk to Norton. The weather was perfect, and we had a lovely walk and a good chat in the garden of the Dog with coffee and cake. Followed by a gentle walk back.

We will endeavour to have another village walk over the summer and so if you are interested in joining us then please make contact.

Village Calendar:
We are planning a Stowlangtoft Village Calendar for 2024 and would like to hear from anyone who has a special picture of the village which could be used as part of the calendar.

Speed Awareness Scheme:
We have 9 willing volunteers from the village that are giving up the odd hour every couple of weeks to help build awareness of the speed limit through the village…. and it’s working! Should you be willing to join the speed watch volunteers please contact Rob Cuff in the email below.

The increased level of traffic through Kiln Lane and indeed the need for warning signs, road markings and potential speed limits have been discussed at Parish, District and County Council level. This together with the ongoing excessive surface water and potholes will continue to be raised with the relevant authorities.

Open studios weekend

We need your help!

Would you like to take part in our Open Studios weekend and help raise funds for our community?  

We are looking for artists, artisans, potters, weavers, wood turners, sculptors, printmakers, jewellers to take part in our Open Studios Weekend in Stowlangtoft and surrounding villages. If you would like the opportunity to showcase your unique talent, to register your interest, dates to be confirmed, just get in touch…

Book Club
The next Stowlangtoft book club meeting is on Friday 7th July at 2.30pm. These are held on a monthly basis with the members taking turns to host the meetings and choose the titles. New members are always welcome. Please contact Julie on her email should you wish to join.

Wildflower Seeds Planted

Mid Suffolk District Council have donated some wild flower seeds which have now been sewn around the seat and planters on the triangle at the entrance to Kiln Lane.


Encouraging wildlife in our gardens

Its that time of year when wildflowers, grasses and natural habitat are very much appreciated by the new wildlife entering our world, so don’t be is too much of a rush to cultivate every inch of your garden!! A small patch of natural vegetation will be appreciated by young birds and insects I’m sure.


Should you wish to respond to any items in this editorial or wish to contribute to further newsletters please contact Rob Cuff on 07801 591980 or

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